Exceptional Quality

Leading-edge design

Inside and out, LifeLine mobile medical units are commercial-grade, not residential-grade. Mouse over the numbers on this photo to read why LifeLine Mobile is your first choice for
a world-class mobile unit.

Vehicle Highlights

✔ Vision systems for safe, secure operations
✔ Exterior security lighting
✔ Awning canopy deploys with a push-button.
✔ Your one-piece roof never leaks like RVs and busses.
✔ Real ducted air conditioning without cheap RV rooftop blower units..
✔ Full or partial disabled person access throughout.
✔ Custom graphics designed for your markets.
✔ Plenty of windows for a bright interior.
✔ Optional slide-out walls boost space by up to 40 percent.

More work space without the
"RV-look" inside.

✔ We meet hospital standards for interior LED lighting.
✔ LED lighting means ultra-long-lasting lighting.
✔ Storage undercarriage for utilities and power generation.
✔ Hydraulic stabilizing system levels the vehicle automatically.
✔ Heavy-duty wheels, tires and axles are tougher than busses and RVs.
✔ Our pull-out stair system never intrudes into your floor space.
✔ All-metal diamond-plate undercarriage outlasts cheap plastic exteriors.
✔ Clean diesel power meets every state & federal standard for clean air.
✔ Operate from a nearby building’s power grid, or your own on-board
✔ Ultra-quiet commercial-grade diesel generators.

Find Out More

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The Toughest Foundation

A clinic understructure composed of 4 inch steel I-beam cross members are under the full length of the undercarriage. No wonder our first mobile unit is still on the road after 36 years!

Commercial-grade All Through

Others use cheap box store furnishings which look great for a year or two but never last. We always use premium, commercial-grade furnishings, doors, flooring, and walls.

Plenty of Space

LifeLine gets you more storage space indoors, and high ceilings for the look-and-feel of a real office!

Best Patient Experience

Get the look and feel of a real office. We never use a warmed-over RV chassis as the building block of your new mobile unit. So we have patient confidentiality, disabled persons’ access, and sanitation in mind.