Interior Design Options

There are literally millions of color combinations for your interior color scheme. You can rely on our professional interior decor experts’ suggestions, or make up your own color palette from the sources.The easiest way to choose a color palette is from our interior designer’s Professional Selections. View all choices below and submit your order form using the “Open Form” button.

Interior Design Options

The easy way to great looking interiors!

Select 1 of 3 Standard color groupings

Every LifeLine vehicle owner can select from these three color groups.

Select 1 of 3 Upgrade color groupings

These colors are available if your Features listing under Cabinets is listed as ‘deluxe upgrade.’

Do-It-Yourself interior design

This method is more difficult and time consuming than the one above.Begin the process of choosing your own interior design selections by opening a copy of our decor selection form Open Form. Next, compare the list of items below with your LifeLine “Features” listing. Some or all of these items are available in different colors, fabrics and vinyls.When you’re ready, click each eligible category and the color selections will fly out for you to pick and record on your Acrobat form.

Task Chair

We can match your exam upholstery, or use a unique color. For custom covering, click the Bio-Fit logo.

Flip Seating

Choose from "Newport" or "Oxen" fabrics by clicking the logo.

Casework Finish

Click to view cabinet finishes

Casework Panels

Click the logo to choose cabinet fronts and handles

Wall Color, Accent

Accent wall colors

These accent colors look great on the front and rear walls of your new mobile unit. If you have slide-out walls, the accent walls can frame the openings nicely.

Click each one for a larger image including a Pantone Matching System number. Note your choice on your worksheet.

Wall Color, Main Overall

Wall color, main

Most of the walls in your new mobile unit will be one of these three colors.

Choose one and record it.


Click either logo for our
solid surface acrylic favorites.

Click either logo for our favorite flooring suppliers.

Valances over windows

Over each window (except the entry door), we place a “valance” which is a cover panel to hide the pull-down window blind mechanisms.

The valances can be painted to match the wall at no charge. But if you want them specially painted, or covered with fabric, extra charges apply. See your Features list for details.

If you want a fabric wrap, select the fabric under Item 14, “Fabric Choices” on this page.

Click on a photo below to see a painted and fabric-covered valance.

A-dec Dental upholstery

A-dec offers a different color palette for sewn upholstery vs. seamless. Click on your upholstery choice to see the available colors.

Medical Upholstery

Click the logo below to choose your upholstery color for Midmark exam equipment. Note your choice on the Acrobat form, please.

Door Covering

Click the logo for our commercial-grade door coverings

Privacy Cutrains

Go to item no. 14 "Fabric Choices"

Fabric Choices

There are literally a million fabrics you can choose.
Click on one or more of our favorite suppliers and jot down your choice.

Vinyl Choices

Vinyls need to be hospital-grade and easy to sanitize. Click on one of these sites for commercial quality items.


Colors Choices

Keep this tab open in order to key in your choices. When you’ve finished, push the “Send” button at the bottom of this form.

If you are opting for the "Do-It-Yourself" method, record your selections below, then click the "Send to LifeLine" button. Bear in mind that your LifeLine Mobile unit may not have all of the selections listed below.