Combination Mobile Medical and Dental Clinics Provide Dual Care

Custom made medical clinics use onboard technologies that combine to allow medical access to a broader population.  According to the World Health Organization the demand for these vehicles is continuously rising due to their numerous benefits and their ability to fulfill the needs of an increasing populationStudies have reported a recent shortfall of 90,000 physicians and untold number of nurses in the U.S., while there is an anticipated increase in new patients of 28 million by 2050.  Taking this into account, clinical workflows must improve, and medical institutions and providers must adapt to his changing environment.

In order to facilitate the improvement of clinical workflows, new technology has allowed mobile clinics to be built for dual purposes. Specifically, both medical and dental procedures can be performed with one mobile health clinic.

The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM® Procedure Chair is the game changer for the development of single mobile health clinics that can provide both dental procedures and primary and preventive medical2-Rotating 630 table in medical or dental exam space care. There is no question that healthcare and the population are rapidly changing, and we must adjust to serve the increasing needs of our communities. There are fewer providers and more patients than ever before, and the disparity is growing rapidly. More so, patients are trending away from hospitals into more ambulatory care settings, including mobile clinics. Having advanced technology to increase workflow and patient outcomes is more important now than it has ever been.

Inside a mobile clinic, the Midmark 630 Procedure Chair promotes patient safety while providing flexible medical positioning, healthcare provider ergonomics, time savings and increased patient satisfaction. With the ability to rotate the chair and patient in a near full-circle to where you need them, plus powered multi-positioning of the seat, back and tilt, and adjustable movement along 4-axes, there is flexibility to position patients for dental or general medical procedures. This is facilitated by the unique ability to position patients in Trendelenburg, the table also provides low access for frail subjects, and has bariatric 1-Rotating medical-dental power procedures unit-3 (1)capacity. These features along with the benefits of a powered footrest, and articulating arm and head rests, allow patients to be in a more medically correct position throughout the procedure, and enhances clinician ergonomics utilizing an adjustable height range of 18 to 40 inches from the floor.

The dual function mobile Medical-Dental clinics are outfitted with multi-purpose workstations, plenty of workspace and a beautiful decor. Their floorplans are uniquely designed to accommodate the 630 Procedure Chairs and have adaptable workstations and workspace to allow for ease of converting your services from dental one week, to medical wellness exams and procedures the next.

An Investment That Brings Return

Well-known research conducted with the Mobile Health Map’s collaborative research community reports the positive impact created by using mobile medical vehicles. The study concludes that each dollar spent investing in a mobile medical vehicle can result in savings of up to $12. There undoubtedly is an increased need for mobile medical and mobile dental clinics to serve the growing population. And the ability to have a dual-purpose unit can be a tremendous benefit for many organizations who are striving to serve the multiple needs of their community.

Ensuring A Leading Position in Your Market

It’s vital to use space-control planning to maximize the multi-purpose nature of a mobile unit so that the vehicle adapts to your community outreach programs.  Avoid mobile health clinics that are built with residential standards like RVs and busses.  Instead, ensure your investment has the same commercial-quality of an office building. Plan your mobile medical and dental design for efficiency that is optimal for both patient and staff.  Patients pre-judge your level of care by their first impressions.  That’s another reason why you should have a mobile clinic outfitted with high quality equipment and furnishings, so your care is reflected by your patients’ surroundings.

In addition, your mobile clinic should have appealing graphics on the outside so it can serve as a traveling billboard for your institution while on the road — into rural and urban settings, schools, office buildings, community centers, public parking lots — everywhere you need to go to provide outstanding care where people live and work.


According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) and the U.S. National Library of Medicine, “mobile health clinics have the potential to offer a number of cost-saving benefits to the healthcare system, by prompting earlier patient care initiation, improving patients’ ability to self-manage their conditions, avoiding emergency room visits and hospital admissions, and improving the quality of life of their clients”. Now, with the ability to have one dual purpose mobile clinic that provides both dental procedures and primary and preventive medical care you can deliver broader services of care to your community.

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